Workshops in the Manuals: Successfully Teaching Middle School and High School Health

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The NC School Health Training Center provides workshops for the Successfully Teaching Health manuals. The six-hour workshop is tightly aligned with the new Essential Standards in Healthful Living Education. Teachers who have attended have given rave reviews for both the manuals and the workshop.



By the end of the workshop, teachers will be able to:

  • Understand the value of the Successfully Teaching Health manuals in meeting the new Essential Standards for North Carolina.
  • Utilize up-to-the-date, medically accurate, content for effective health teaching.
  • Apply skill-building activities to help prevent health risks for youth.
  • Model and demonstrate interactive and engaging activities for effective health teaching.
  • Explore tools that enhance digital literacy.
  • Employ strategies for authentic assessment.

Certificates for .6 CEUs are available.

The manuals are available on flash drives and can be purchased from the NC Association for the Advancement of Health Education.

  • Successfully Teaching High School Health V (43 seven-step lessons with 36 PowerPoints and Prezis)
  • Successfully Teaching Middle School Health IV (123 seven-step lessons with 78 PowerPoints and Prezis)

If your school system is interested in contracting with the NCSHTC for a workshop for your teachers, contact Dr. Donna Breitenstein at .