Assistance with the Healthy Youth Act

Beginning August of 2010, public schools in North Carolina have been responsible for implementing the Healthy Youth Act and delivering Reproductive Health and Safety Education for grades 7, 8, and 9. The NC School Health Training Center (NCSHTC) is prepared to assist your school system and teachers in the following ways:

Lesson Plans

Writers for the NCSHTC have created 16 lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations for grades 7, 8, and 9 to implement the topics required within the Health Youth Act. They follow the six (6) step lesson plan format from Effective Teacher Training and include all support materials needed. The lessons are engaging, build skills, and use a variety of methods to meet diverse learning styles. There are two assessment activities for each lesson.

Professional Development

With the support of the NC Department of Public Instruction, the NCSHTC has provided professional development for NC school personnel for 20 years. Trainers have years of experience in school health and public health and additional training in professional development. Participants give the center "rave reviews" for meaningful and engaging teacher training.

For more information or to schedule an event, contact Dr. Donna Breitenstein, Director, at

Selection of an Evidence-Based Program

Posted on the website are reviews of 10 curricula, most of which are evidence-based. This designation means they show behavioral effects (delay of sexual initiation, fewer sexual partners, or increased condom use for those sexually active). A few are considered promising programs (based on best practice, use of variety of methods, and aligned with NC's requirement of reproductive health and safety education). Each program was reviewed by professionals affiliated with the training center using criteria considered effective in preventing sexual risk-taking.

The lesson plans have been updated and are part of the Successfully Teaching Health manuals.  To locate specific lesson plans that meet the requirements of the Healthy Youth Act, click here Adobe PDF File Icon (47kb).

Evidence-Based Curricula

Promising Programs